San Martín de Valdeiglesias

A multi leveled terrace floats 5m over the restrictive sloping site creating a new occupiable topography, as a strategy to reduce site modifications. The cantilevered structure liberates the only flat portion of the property near the southern edge of the site for a pool and garden while maximizing the square meters of the building, effectively building on air and leaving much of the existing terrain in tact.

The public program is distributed in an open plan configuration on the main level with large glass sliding doors to permit activities to flow freely between indoor and outdoor “rooms” blurring the boundaries of the domestic landscape. Private functions (bedrooms, bathrooms, mechanical) are organized below within the terraced structure.

project team: K Kim, P Rosales, J Zubicoa, C Neubauer, E Gordo, J Milano
project consultants: T Dalda PE, D-fine, Emendo
photos: J Granada